California Death Notices

A few months ago, after my mother died of cancer, I decided that I wanted to find out more information about some of my relatives. I knew that my mother had come from a big family, and that she had grown up in California. I wasn’t sure what kind of information I was looking for, but I eventually I decided to look at the California Death Notices.Image

My mother never talked about her family too much. She had left California when she was seventeen, and moved to Boston, where she met my father. I never found out exactly why she left, or much about her life in California at all. I did know that she had lots of cousins, and a sister and brother that I had never met.

I didn’t know where to begin looking for information on the family. I thought of doing web searches, but many times that only brings up people who are in the public eye in some way. I figured that everybody is born, and everybody eventually dies, so death records might be a good start. I figured that obituary searches might provide the best information.

I was absolutely right. It turned out that my mother’s father had died only a few months earlier than she had. His obituary was extensive, and I loved learning about the grandfather who had been a stranger to me.

Besides providing the person’s life story, obituaries often list the names of relatives who have survived them. That is how I came to know the names of many of my mother’s cousins, and found out that her brother and sister were still living in California!

I eventually tracked down contact information for them both, and traveled to meet them in California. After that, they came and visited my family in Boston. I am so glad that I decided to look at the California Death Notices. That decision definitely made this process more efficient.


Online Public Death Notices

The death of a person is documented in the death record of a state. A Death Notices the document wherein one can find the reason why the person died as well as when and where it happened.

There are a lot of transactions in the government that would require a death certificate. With it, processing of such request cannot be done. This transaction includes the claiming of insurance and benefits as well as property transfer and declaration. It is also one of the requirements if the remaining spouse would plan to marry again.

A death certificate contains information about the death of an individual. This includes the date, place and the manner of death of the deceased. The basic details about the person who died are indicated on the file such as the real name and the date and place of birth of the individual. Not all states have the same information on it. The names of the family members of the deceased are found on the records of some states while other states would indicate the details about the funeral and burial on the certificate.

Just like the information that can be found on the file, not all states have the same retrieval process. One has to know the state rules before requesting for a death certificate to avoid hassle and delay. This difference is evidenced with the varying processing fees. Some state may charge per request, other may do it per copy and per page. The immediate relatives are given the access to the death certificate of their loved ones. Those who request for the record is required to indicate their reason for accessing the document as well as their name and other contact information on the application form. Also, one has to provide the basic information of the requested file to hasten the search.

Government Death Records of any state can be obtained at the local county clerk office. Most states of the country have kept death records at the office of Vital Records Section. The request for a death certificate can be requested at any of the offices mentioned whichever is the closest. If one just wants to know about the death of an individual, one can also go to the local library and check out the obituary section of the newspaper archives there. However, this method is tedious and time consuming.

The retrieval of a death certificate nowadays has been made easier and convenient thanks to the Internet. The Internet is like an online library where all public documents are found. Obituary death notices are just one of the many things that can be found online. With this tool, the search can be done even at home without hassle. Many would go for this method because it is faster and convenient.